Hand sanitizing and hand washing are basic personal activities that goes a long way to keep you HEALTHY and WELL.

You can now CONVENIENTLY get liquid soap or sanitizers dispensed without having to touch a dirty soap bar or a germy sanitizer pump. EFFECTIVELY keeping your hands clean from bacteria and viruses because

Automatic Sanitizing Foam/Soap Dispenser

Avoid the Spread of Germs

❇️DID YOU KNOW: A typical person's hand can carry millions of bacteria, some are found on bodies and some are pathogens(also known as "germs").

❇️According to the Center for Disease Control(CDC). Proper, thorough handwashing is the single most efficient way to protect you and your family throughout the year against the seasonal flu, nasty colds and respiratory infections.

❇️Our automatic dispenser have enhanced features that makes their use more convenient and safe🧼Be mess-free with a TOUCHLESS liquid soap and hand sanitizer dispenser. It dispenses liquid soap automatically and helps prevent the spread of germs avoiding second cross-infections that can cause serious illness.

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itsTOUCHLESS GD1 Auto Sanitizing Form Dispenser


Infrared Sensor

Our advanced Infrared sensor technology employs when it detects your hand several inches away and automatically delivers just the right amount of liquid to rub away the germs.

Morden Design

Elegant morden style to keep your bathroom/kitchen looking aesthetically pleasing. With an eye-catching frosted body design that stands out while blending perfectly in any environment.


Use it freely in any environment without having to worry about water splashes or accidentally pouring water onto. With a waterproof rating of IPX4, it makes easier to clean when you need to.


Product Overview

  • Helps parents to motivate kids to wash hands. Add some fun to hand-washing.
  • Cost-effective. Foaming soap dispensers release less soap than regular liquid soap dispensers do, allowing users to achieve the same level of cleanliness with less soap.
  • Non-drip design eliminates waste and countertop mess.
  • Perfect to use in bathroom, kitchen, office, schools, hospitals, hotels and restaurants.
  • Ideal for liquid soaps, hand sanitizers and lotions

More Features

  • With an infrared induction, it senses when you put your hand under the nozzle and then produce foam.
  • It can reasonably control the amount of foam or liquid being dispensed. More practical in avoiding wastage.
  • Frosted design, easy for you to check the amount of liquid soap inside.
  • Large container opening, easy to refill liquid.

Other Customers Are Saying


Washing hand became fun😄

Christiana P*****

This product is awesome if you have kids! It makes it fun for them to wash their hands and is adjustable for the amount of soap that comes out. It generates foamy soap exceptionally well, better than the manual pump I was using before.

Fast and consistent, great value for the price.

Thomas W***

This is my first household automatic soap dispenser, so I wasn't sure what to expect. I was looking for something that would be easier for my kids to use to encourage more consistent handwashing. So far I'm very impressed, and think this will fit the bill nicely. Overall quality seems great, and it seems to perform its intended function well.

Loving it

Seth T***

My kids waste a LOT of soap because they don't know how much soap they need on their small hands. This soap dispenser has helped with that issue. They use only what is dispensed. My side note on that is that the default setting is ALOT of soap, even for an adult, it took me a minute to realize that I could change that setting.

Touchless Soap Dispenser is Solid!!!


I have always wanted a touchless soap dispenser and I finally got the courage to buy one. After reading reviews I ended up buying this one. The previous reviews are correct. This is an amazing product. I like the fact that the amount of soap is adjustable because in the beginning it turned out a lot of soap. I also like that it foams so less soap is needed and poured.

Great product. Wish I switched to this type of dispenser earlier.

Anna H****

It’s a huge convenience and way more sanitary to dispense hand soap this way in the kitchen. I cook a lot of seafood, and this makes me feel like I’m not transferring fishy residue at all since I never physically touch the dispenser.

Works awesome

Jianre K****

Had several of these before but were not as good! This one is an absolute exception... Since this is supposed the newer version, it has the power button on top which is easier to turn on and off when needed, as well as adjusting amount of foam dispensed. Worked well, foam came out perfectly and saves soap.

Great soap dispenser

Nathan G****

Great soap dispenser. It's super easy to install and use. It's not weak, but rather strong in integrity. One of the down sides is that the instructions do not mention to use a foamy soap or else the dispenser will not dispense anything. I grabbed some foamy soap and mixed some water to make it easier for the dispenser to pour it out. After a few tries I was able to get it to work somewhat.

Perfect soap dispenser

Amber C******

This soap dispenser is really amazing! very easy to setup and works for all hand soap. I bought it for my son. As a toddler, it is not easy for him to use pump. But he can use this one easily and washes hand by himself. Now when he comes back from school, the first thing he will do is washing hands.

It was worth waiting for.

Jensen R*****

The waiting time was a bit longer than I expected, it was worth it though because it is an excellent product that meets its function.The product corresponds to all the characteristics mentioned. I really loved design and aesthetics. Excellent seller!

Awesome Product👍

Paula B****

I like everything about this foam soap dispenser! It works exactly as it’s supposed to. It even works in the dark! I read another feedback about how it has to be primed in the beginning, so when no soap came out at first I just kept triggering it, and after a minute or so the soap came out.
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